How We Work With You

We believe in providing you with honest advice, independent counsel, and personal service to meet your individual needs. You can count on candid, knowledgeable advice based on Peter’s 25 years of experience with no surprises on legal bills.


If you are involved in a lawsuit, call on Peter to help you navigate through the court system.
Personal Injury Claims
Involved in an accident or slip and fall? You should know your rights. Peter can help you get the compensation you deserve.
Business Law
Businesses have to protect themselves, and need to know their legal responsibilities. Peter can help protect your business.
Will & Estates
Make sure your final wishes are carried out as you wish. Peter can make sure your will and estate is airtight.
Family Law
Legal matters around your family are often the most difficult you will encounter. Peter protects you in a sensitive situation.
Real Property
Dealing with property can be very expensive and time-consuming if done wrong. Peter can help you do it right.
Criminal Law
Involved in a criminal proceeding? Peter will fight for you.
Human Rights
Feel your Charter or Constitutional rights have been violated? Peter can help you make sure you are treated fairly.
Administrative Law
Dealing with government regulations and red tape? Peter can help you navigate through the complex rules.