Personal Injury Claims

What are Personal Injury Claims?

Personal injury claims are legal actions related to losses as the result of an accident or some other incident. Personal injury claims are made for the injured person to be compensated when they have suffered an injury as the result of the carelessness or intentional actions of some other person. Personal injury claims can also cover non-physical situations, such as defamation that causes harm to someone’s reputation.

What You Should Know.

There are two aspects to personal injury situations – proving fault and determining damages.
For the first step, in order for a personal injury claim to proceed, it has to be determined that someone is at fault, and that this caused the injury. In most cases, this is either because of negligence (they didn’t do what they should have), or intentional conduct (they did something they shouldn’t have). But this fault has to be shown, and it has to be linked to the injury.

If a link is shown, then the next step is to determine damages. There has to be actual loss as a result of the injury – usually a monetary loss.
Many times, personal injury cases are settled without going to court. But the laws and situations around personal injury can be complex. There are time limitations on how long you can wait before bringing forward a personal injury claim, for instance. Having an experienced attorney on your side is a good start.

How Peter C. Ghiz Law Can Help

For personal injury situations in Charlottetown and Prince Edward Island, we can help you navigate through the process. Especially in the area of personal injury, every situation is unique and having the help of someone experienced in the system can help bring you the right outcome. We will give you honest advice and recommendations concerning your situation. We will also help you through any mediation and/or arbitration processes to make sure you are treated fairly.

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