Wills & Estates

What Is Wills and Estate Law?

Estate planning is the law around what happens to your property and assets when you die. Wills are the most common way in which someone can specify their wishes for their property. When discussing wills and estate law, areas such as trusts and powers of attorney can play an important role.

What You Should Know?

While it is true that even the most basic of wills can be considered legally binding, taking the proper steps in advance can reduce the time, cost, and risk in having your wishes carried out. Every province has laws that cover cases where someone dies without a will, but relying on these rules only adds to the complexity.

If you have to deal with the will from a loved one after they have died, it can be a very emotional time. Even for small estates, involving small amounts of money and/or property, finalizing the will can take more time than you may like. There are a number of legal steps that you will have to go through.

Since inheritance law is a provincial jurisdiction, the laws are slightly different for every province. But every will needs to have an executor named, who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the final wishes are carried out. In most cases, the executor of the will seeks out some legal advice to help navigate through the rules.

How Peter C. Ghiz Law Can Help

We can help you either set up your will or estate, or help you when needed after a loved one passes away. Contact us now, and save yourself and your family from estate problems in the future.

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