Human Rights

What is Human Rights Law?

Human rights are those rights and freedoms that apply to every human being, regardless of where you are from, from birth to death. Human rights law is one of the most important and fundamental laws, and has the power to override many other laws. Human rights law applies to all levels of government.

What You Should Know.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms explicitly defines the rights of Canadians, and these rights, except in exceptional circumstances, cannot be overridden by any other government or legislation. In addition, every province has human rights legislation.

Prince Edward Island, and other provinces, have established a Human Rights Commission. This is often the first stop when someone feels their human rights have been violated. When a complaint is made, the Commission has the power to investigate and enforce the PEI Human Rights Act.
The Commission offers an avenue to pursue for a human rights complaint, and it is often more efficient and easier to navigate than the court system. But its power is limited to the PEI Human Rights Act. Even in cases covered by this law, there are legal options beyond the Commission.

Discrimination can happen both by not treating someone fairly, or by not making provisions to accommodate someone (such as disabled persons). Human rights law and challenges have been applied in many areas of the law, and since human rights have the power to override other legislation, its application is very wide ranging.

How Peter C. Ghiz Law Can Help

If you feel your human rights have been violated, there are a number of courses of action, including the Prince Edward Island Human Rights Commission, the court system, or others. Peter C. Ghiz law can help you find the appropriate avenue to deal with your issue and find an appropriate settlement. In many cases, the application of human rights can be wide-ranging, but it can also be detailed. Similar cases that have already happened can impact your situation. We can offer you experience advice on your individual situation, and how human rights law applies, then we can provide advice and represent you through the entire process.

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