Family Law

What is Family Law?

Family law deals with domestic and family situations. It covers areas such as marriage, civil union, divorce, child custody and support, adoption and other related areas. In recent years, as non-traditional family units have gained more recognition, family law has been changing rapidly in these areas.

What You Should Know

Family law is often thought of in terms of a divorce. As a family breaks up, it is usually very emotional, and often very difficult for people to put aside their emotions, particularly when children are involved. The law makes every effort to find a fair settlement for all sides, putting the interest of children first. But it is often one of the most difficult situations anyone will go through.

While settling a divorce will sometimes end up in court before a judge, most times it is settled without having to resort to that step. Given the emotionally charged situation, an impartial mediator can often help everyone come to an agreement without the expense and stress of court. Just remember that if there are children involved, the system will always put their needs first.

But family law is about more than divorce. Marriage or civil union, whether for a traditional or non-traditional family unit, carries legal responsibilities. Adoption is another common area of practice for family law where it is essential to make sure all the proper steps are taken.

How Peter C. Ghiz Law Can Help

In emotionally charged situations such as divorce, you need someone on your side who can watch out for your interests, but also provide you with fair and impartial advice. At Peter C. Ghiz Law, we will watch out for your interests, but we will also be honest with you while we protect your rights. We can guide you through the mediation process, and make sure you are will represented if court is needed.

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