Administrative Law

What is Administrative Law?

Administrative law is red tape. It is dealing with the web of government rules, regulation, processes and procedures. It deals with all the details of government that are not explicitly defined in law, but are covered in all the other policies and procedures set out by government.

What You Should Know.

Laws passed by both the Federal and Prince Edward Island governments do not cover all the details of government operations. The details are usually filled in by additional rules, regulations, and administrative boards and committees after the fact. Even in the case of municipalities, council does not normally deal with all every detail of implementing decisions. This can make navigating through government red tape quite complex, and sometimes contradictory.

This maze can be frustrating, and it can be time-consuming to navigate through the complex system. In some cases, having experienced help is worth the expense.

How Peter C. Ghiz Law Can Help

At Peter C. Ghiz Law, we can help you find your way through the Canadian and Prince Edward Island maze of regulations and procedures. We can make sure you have met all the requirements demanded by government, preventing additional problems, expense, and time commitment down the road.

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