Criminal Law

What is Criminal Law?

Criminal law punishes people whose actions result in injury to people and/or property. While technically criminal law comes from the federal government, and is defined by the criminal code, there are a number of provincial and municipal laws that fall into the same category

What You Should Know.

If you are named in a criminal case, it is important that you get legal advice. You are presumed innocent, and it is up to the prosecutor to prove that you are guilty. Retaining a lawyer to work on your behalf may seem expensive, but not having good representation can result in a much more expensive outcome – or possibly losing your freedom.

There are various levels of criminal offenses. Summary offenses are more minor situations, and have lower levels of potential punishment. Indictable offenses are more severe, as are the related punishments. The Canadian court system has various levels and procedures that have to be followed, and this is partly determined by the severity of the offense.

Once charged, there are a number of options and decisions that have to be considered. Usually, you will be released with just a promise to appear in court as directed, although in some instances bail will be required.

If you want to fight the charge, you will have your opportunity to defend yourself. And it is the prosecution that has to prove their side of the case. However, they would not have pressed charges without a good reason, so you must be prepared to offer a defence.

In many cases, an agreement can be reached before the case is tried in court, where the prosecution and the defence agree on a suitable punishment. This can save a lot of time and expense, and an experienced lawyer’s advice is important to get the best deal possible on your behalf.

How Peter C. Ghiz Law Can Help

Facing a criminal case is frightening. When you use Peter C. Ghiz law to represent your interests, our only focus in on getting the best result for you. We believe that the best outcomes happen when you are given all the facts, know all your options, and the possible consequences of each decision. We will make sure you fully understand the process, and will make sure you have all the information you need to make all decisions along the way. Whether you wish to offer a defence against the charge, or want to come to an agreement with the prosecutor, we will get the best possible outcome for you.